Doing it The Blackpool Way

In tweets, on Facebook, in texts to my dad in Polska and in a variety of random, pissed-up conversations with complete strangers in dubious Barrow-in Furness pubs, I’ve made numerous references to doing it The Blackpool Way.

So what exactly does that mean? Well;

We’ve got little cash and a ground that has a stand borrowed from Royal Birkdale on one side.

We’re now the first team in history to reach the play-off final in all three divisions.

if we win a week on Saturday, we’ll be the first team ever to be promoted from the basement division to the Premiership purely through the play-offs.

We won 4-3 away against a side who’ve conceded just seven goals in 20 their last 20 home games and haven’t been beaten at home since they player… well… us in SEPTEMBER.

In a game where the pundits said the first goal would be crucial, we were one-nil down inside seven minutes

Our hat-trick hero was a man on loan from one of our play-off rivals, who was arrested just last month in connection with a stabbing, and who is still on police bail.

And our manager is a short, balding Bristolian, who, by most reasonable standards, would be considered certifiable. Yet he is one of the smartest and hardest-working people in football, who has just taken a team with little money and a shit ground to the brink of the Premiership.

And that’s why we never quite believed, until the final whistle went. And that’s why we still believed, even after going behind 12 minutes into the first leg. And that why we still believe that the impossible could not just be possible but, indeed, be only days away….

And that’s why Blackpool is the best club in the world to support. You can keep your Real Madrids, AC Milan’s, even your Manchester Uniteds. Blackpool – there’s nothing quite like it.

for an idea of what we were going through as Robert Earnshaw scored his second and Forest seemed to be in the ascendancy…. have a listen to this


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