blood diamonds on her hands

Naomi Campbell is not a nice person. When you talk about her convictions, you don’t mean her beliefs. But she’s really surpassed herself today.

That’s not through her admissions about taking blood diamonds from Liberian warlord Charles Taylor. She could hardly be expected to realise that the ‘dirty pebbles’ handed to her in a pouch were the product of Sierra Leone’s bloody civil war – she just doesn’t have the brains.

But surely, when called upon to help achieve justice for millions tortured, murdered, raped or enslaved in Liberia and Sierra Leone, she could do better than to moan about the ‘inconvenience’.

While interrupting her busy life of modelling, assaulting housekeepers and accepting unsolicited goods from strangers may be ‘inconvenient’, it hardly compares to being seized from one’s village and forced to work as a slave in a diamond mind, is it?


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