How can this be right?

B&M Bargains, which used to be an obscure corner shop in Cleveleys, has suddenly become a national phenomenom. Its stores are popping up on corners across the nation as its owners neatly fit into the ‘stock it high, sell it cheap’ niche that Woolworth somehow managed to cock up. Good look to its entreprenurial owners . . .

. . . or maybe not. For reports suggest they’re busily shafting loyal staff by refusing them redundancy pay when B&M’s Blackpool warehouse closes and moves to Speke in Liverpool. While B&M wouldn’t have a leg to stand on legally if it attempted to deny workers who don’t fancy a 120 mile commute, it appears a calculation has been made that screwing the help will work out cheaper than doing the right thing.

And that’s not the end of it. While the move is elminating jobs in one poverty-ravaged town, the authorities in another are funding it to the tune of £1.75 million.

There’s something very wrong in the system of regeneration funding if this shifting of work is being encouraged.

Private buinesses dipping into public funds need to play by the letter and the spirit of the rules. Or lose it.


2 thoughts on “How can this be right?

  1. What an excellent article I agree with everything in it isn’t it a shame that the BM workers don’t have a strong union to support them.

  2. What came first, the chicken or the egg?

    I agree with the article, but it’s the practices of Liverpool council that sparked this issue and should not be allowed. EU law now says, I believe, that you cannot give proprietary tax breaks and other incentives to companies to locate in your country. A similar policy should apply within the UK when public money is concerned.

    You can’t blame B&M for snapping their hand off though, and B&M are not the only company that relocate roles and expect staff to move.

    Easyjet, for example, give their staff 2 weeks to move, else they lose their job.

    If it was in the contracts of the staff that they must be mobile, then it was in the contracts. B&M seem to suggest in the Gasjet article you linked that it was in there.

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